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Core Team/Advisory Board/Consultants/
Volunteers/Partners & Collaborators


"We are joining forces with a range of experts, industry professionals and community advisors who not only have a shared passion for the prevention of child and forced marriage but who will all bring a unique set of skills, talents and perspectives to our organisational and project development. "

OUR ADVISORY BOARD                  

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Helena Hassani

Executive Director, Boland Parwaz/ CFM Advocate and Survivor

Driven by her personal experience of displacement, genocidal persecution, and child and forced marriage (CFM), Helena has created Boland Parwaz as a bold venture that creates 'in language' and 'in culture' resources and training programs for the prevention of CFM. Helena advocates for this issue at the highest level in Australia and the world, and brings together a powerful network of like-minded people on this journey.


Shukufa Tahiri

Migration Lawyer/Youth Leader/Ambassador

Shukufa is a community leader with a background in policy analysis, research and advocacy on issues affecting the human rights of people seeking asylum and refugees. At the tender age of 24 she was named as one of Australia's 100 most influential women for her work championing  human rights. Shukufa joins us as a Youth Ambassador to inspire the next generation of  change makers. 

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Ali Hussein

Men's Behaviour Change Facilitator/ Counsellor/Mentor

We are thrilled to have Ali on the advisory board, where he will actively contribute to the design and delivery of a number of programs currently being developed by Boland Parwaz. His decades long experience of Men's Behaviour Change and work with youth mental health will help us build powerful programs and resources 'in culture' and 'in language' for the prevention of CFM.

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Emma Macey-Storch

Film and Media Advisor/Social Impact Producer/ Campaigner

Emma is a multi award-winning filmmaker and creative powerhouse with decades of experience working in communities and training them to use filmmaking as a tool for social change. She is the writer/director of feature documentary GEETA, winner of the Ferguson Film Prize and will be an incredible mentor for the next generation of refugee and migrant storytellers entering our programs.


Nadiya Khish

Legal Advisor

Nadiya is a passionate and driven solicitor with  professional and academic experience in; Conveyancing, Dispute Resolution, Contracting, Policies and Procedures, Finance and Litigation. We are very fortunate to have Nadiya on our advisory board to guide and support us as we build the organisation. 


Asha Buolker

Community Leader/Entrepreneur/ Youth Ambassador

Asha has dedicated her life to fighting for equality and empowerment, particularly for marginalised women and communities in Australia. She has worked in the family violence sector, youth justice system and as a life coach. Her track record supporting young people in the community makes her an invaluable member of our team.

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Zakia Noori

Family Violence Practitioner/ Journalist/Youth Ambassador

Zakia is not only a specialist family violence practitioner but also holds a Diploma in Community Services and a Bachelor of Journalism. She brings to the advisory board a wealth of knowledge around the intersection between CFM and Family violence as well as media culture and journalism in Afghanistan.

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Mehdi Hassani

Business Advisor/Analyst


Mehdi Hassani, is a passionate and strong ally for the prevention of child and forced marriage. He has a Bachelor of Business Management and experience in Business Administration and Finance.and will take on the role of Financial Advisor for the organisation


Meena Hassani

Intern/Youth Ambassador

We welcome Meena onto our advisory board as a youth ambassador who will advocate for  policy and law reform relating to CFM and help us build our youth programs. As a final year law student specialising in criminology we know Meena shares our passion for social change.

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Noreen Masiane

Family Violence Specialist/

Social Worker

Noreen is an expert in Child Wellbeing, a family violence practitioner and an educator at Chisholm Institute on the Graduate and Certificate in Family Violence. Noreen's role on our advisory board is to help us understand the needs of the African and wider migrant communities in Australia.


Tom Griffiths

Men's Behaviour Change/Family Violence Expert/Mentor

Tom is a semi-retired family therapist with over thirty years counselling experience in individual, couple, family and group settings and has overseen and run Men's Behaviour Change groups since 1987. A pioneer in his field, Tom will provide us with expert mentorship throughout our projects.

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