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Core Team/Advisory Board/Consultants/
Volunteers/Our Partners & Collaborators


"We are working with a range of experts and community advisors who will bring a unique set of skills, talents and perspectives to our projects. "




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Helena Hassani

Executive Director, Boland Parwaz/ Survivor/FV, Men's Behaviour Change and CFM specialist/Public Speaker

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Ali Hussein

Men's Behaviour Change Facilitator/ Counsellor/Mentor

We are absolutely thrilled to have Ali on the advisory committee where he will actively contribute to the design and delivery of a number of programs currently being developed by Boland Parwaz. His decades long experience of Men's Behaviour Change and work with youth mental health will help us build powerful resources 'in culture' and 'in language' with behavioural change at its heart.


Meena Hassani

Legal Advisor


As a final year law student we welcome Meena onto our advisory committee where she will contribute to research around potential policy and legal issues linked to child and forced marriage and be involved in the development of the organisations legal structure and a number of special programs.

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Emma Macey-Storch

Film and Media Advisor/Mentor/ Social Impact Producer/Campaigner

Emma is a multi award winning filmmaker with decades of experience working in communities and training them to use filmmaking as a tool for social change. She is the director of feature documentary GEETA and will be an incredible mentor for the next generation of refugee and migrant storytellers entering our programs.


Zakia Noori

Family Violence and Safety Hub Practitioner

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Mehdi Hassani

Business Advisor/Analyst


Asha Buolker


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Nadia Khish

Migrantion Lawyer

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Men's Behaviour Change Expert

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Family Violence Practitioner



Disability Advocate/Business Owner

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Mental Health Practitioner

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